Enrichment Ideas 
  • Practice counting out loud by 2’s. 5’s. 10’s.

    Count the number of sandals, shoes and boots in your closet. Show how many of each with tally marks.

    Discuss with your family ways that a pumpkin and an orange are alike and different.

    Locate and count all the thermometers in your house. Which ones are digital and which ones use liquid?

    Write a story about something you are very passionate about, something or someone you really love. Don’t forget the detailed illustration.

    How many jumping jacks can you do in one minute? Have a grownup time you.

    Take the numbers in your phone number. Now put them in order from smallest to largest.

    Make a tally mark chart to show the number of bowls, plates, and mugs that are in your kitchen.

    How many words can you find “inside” the word - – understanding? Here’s a few: ran, ring, stand. Can you make 10 more? 20 more?

    Can you write from 1-100? Challenge: 101-200?

    Count out loud from 1- 50 by 1’s. Count backward from 20-1.

    Solve It! There were two (2) ladybugs on the flower. Each one had 6 spots. How many spots did they have together?

     Look for things in your room, kitchen and yard that begin with the letter t.

    Tell someone in your house how to play TwoFisted Penny Addition with 10 pennies. How many combinations of 10 can you make?
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